SOUND SOLUTIONS Compelling Audio and Multi-Platform Content for the Global Community


Here’s an overview of the services we provide regularly to clients. But with technology changing all the time, new possibilities are always being explored. That is why we always begin by discussing your goals so we can conceptualize a strategy that’s right for your unique situation.

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Whether it’s a streaming sound – image feature, podcast, video, audio tour or radio program, we’ll find the right solution to meet your needs.

Podcasts offer you a way to keep your audience engaged with new content and services. With thousands of podcasts available today the key is to make sure your audience wants to tune in to yours. Our productions keep your audience listening and coming back for more, with JMP’s trademark blend of great audio and riveting information.

Cell phone tours
There are plenty of options besides  lectures read by experts! Imagine a full radio quality production with music, narration and a story woven together to fully engage your visitors or clients. Cell phone tours are not just for museums, they can happen anywhere, bringing your stories to the streets through signage or mobile apps. Read how one city used a cell phone tour to bring visitors up from the frequently visited waterfront into their business district.

Web and mobile apps
We can create compelling transmedia content for your web site or for use in social media marketing. Many shared audio platforms are emerging making it possible for your audience to find you and your content in numerous places – and want to come back for more!

Radio is an ideal cost-effective means of getting your message across to a large, diverse audience. We can work with you to create your own branded series or sponsor an existing program.



Want to conduct your own interviews or create your own podcast? We have successfully trained many clients in the art of telling stories in sound.



Need help writing a grant or developing a concept into a fundable project? Jim Metzner Productions has successfully raised over four million dollars in grants. Whether it’s a few hours of brainstorming an idea or jump-starting a new endeavor, we can help.



Have great content, a brilliant team, or a new product line and want to spread the word? We can offer hybrid strategies of traditional marketing methods and well thought-out social media campaigns to reach your audience effectively.