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Quotes from the Radio Industry

“Jim Metzner makes the natural world an interesting place, even for a city kid like me. Jim makes the natural world into a neighborhood–a place that teams with interesting sounds and fascinating characters. I’m glad we have him on our show, and I know that are listeners consider his appearances as refreshing as a weekend in the country.”
Scott Simon Host, Weekend Edition/Saturday

“The production is tight and concise – an education in two minutes.”
Donna Land, General Manager KRCL, Salt Lake City

“The hallmark of Jim’s output is his knack for making every item he provides into a crisp and orderly journey of discovery for the listener — years of experience with his work, in a day-in, day-out broadcast context, have convinced me that he is both a gifted communicator and an audio artist whom listeners appreciate as much for his provocative and stimulating content as for his easy presentational elegance.”
David Kanzeg, Program Director, WCPN-FM

“Gem-like, miniature, short, outstanding programs….mind snacks. I love ’em. ”
Daniel Pinkwater, Author, All Things Considered commentator

“Jim Metzner is one of the wonders of our public radio world. His story-telling and amazing sound recordings tell a story with such richness that I KNOW I have been there… Jim is an artiste in the finest sense, and listening to his work is an uncommon pleasure. I hope he has several more decades of productivity and artistry. ”
Jim Russell, General Manager, Marketplace Productions

“The programs are informative and the topics are interesting.
The sounds… give the feeling you’re actually there. ”
David Miller,  NUU Country The Program, New Zealand

“We know Jim Metzner must take better care of his radio show than his car… because we’ve SEEN his car…and he never could’ve gotten it to last ten years! ”
Tom and Ray Magliozzi, Car Talk, Jim Metzner’s former Mechanics

“…Pulse of the Planet is an exceptional radio series that presents the public with vivid, contemporary science. It is fresh, informative, and rich in content… The series is one of a handful of regular mass media science popularizations that reach a significant percentage of the US population. The programs are well-written and have exemplary audio quality.”
Dr. Hyman Field, Director, National Science Foundation, Informal Science and Education (ISE)

“Most radio producers gather natural sound as ambiance or illustration; Jim Metzner had the brilliant conception to zoom in on the individual threads of our aural tapestry, and brings each of them to life with intelligence, wit and an unending sense of wonder”
Neal Conan, Host of “Talk of the Nation”, National Public Radio