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Passover Dreams

We were hired by the National Federation of Jewish Culture (NFJC) to produce a radio program that would celebrate 300 years of Jewish American culture.  The challenge was to weave historical fact with a story line that captured listeners’ imaginations, while being faithful to the essence of the tradition of Passover. So Passover Dreams, an hour long special, was developed. It featured some fabulous music from Sweet Honey in the Rock, Natalie Merchant and many others, along with a full cast of wonderful actors, including academy award winner Melissa Leo, with Theodore Bikel as host. Passover Dreams was marketed and distributed by Murray Street Enterprise and Public Radio International. It has had several repeat broadcasts over the years – each time to listener acclaim. The program was honored with a Gabriel Award.

Listen to excerpts of Passover Dreams.

Jim Metzner Productions - Passover Dream